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The eCampus Logo

The official eCampus symbol is a teal letter "e" utilizing a red wave. Below the eCampus symbol, the word "ecampus" is written in all lowercase letters. The first "e" in the lowercase letters is also red, while the remaining letters are black. The words "University System of Georgia" is written in capital grey lettering under a red line, distinguising the eCampus program as an official unit of the USG. The USG sublettering is included in the official USG eCampus logo and should always be included when used.

This symbol is the formal identifier for the USG eCampus support unit. It may be used by any school or college, regional campus, entity, or organization that is a current USG eCampus partner. Other educational institutions, businesses, groups, or vendors may use the USG eCampus symbol, but only with express permissions from the USG eCampus Marketing Department at 678-839-5398.

Depending on the scale of the design, either the square or horizontal version of the logo may be used. These are found below.

The establishment of USG eCampus creates an "umbrella" brand under which the existing collaborative brands (eCore and eMajor) now fall. USG eCampus does not replace eCore and eMajor but should be used to represent the collective team and support unit that facilitates the execution of these programs. USG eCampus can be thought of as the "Parent Organization," while eCore and eMajor can be thought of as the "Products" supported by the organization. The use of consistent typography in each logo helps to signify this relationship and shared focus on innovation and technological expansion of the education system in Georgia.

Do not use the logo in print advertising without consent. This logo will reproduce more cleanly and clearly in small sizes when on newsprint. If you have questions regarding the use of the USG eCampus symbol in conjunction with a specific collegiate mark, please contact the USG eCampus Marketing Department at 678-839-5398.

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