Meet the Staff

Nicolle Coleman

eCampus Student and Partner Support Coordinator

Nicolle assists students with registration issues, tracks eCore enrollment, and assists affiliate partners. Nicolle also provides supervision and guidance to the team of student assistants in the eCampus call center. Prior to starting her higher education career with eCampus, she was a materials buyer for the Gatorade Division of the Quaker Oats Company and was part of the team responsible for building the Gatorade manufacturing plant in Atlanta, GA in 1997. Nicolle understands the needs and unique situations of non-traditional students, because she was one herself! After leaving the corporate world to be a stay-at-home mom for 10 years, she completed her B.S. in Organizational Leadership in 2018. Nicolle currently resides in Carrollton, GA with her husband and two children and is active in community theater, music, and cake design.