Meet the Staff

Kasey Hannah

Academic Advisor

Kasey received a Bachelor of Science in Sociology from the University of West Georgia and is currently enrolled in a Masters of Education in Higher Education Administration from Georgia Southern University. Kasey has experience working in a variety of roles, including academic advising, supervising, scheduling, course planning, internships, study abroad. Other student success initiatives that Kasey is well versed in include orientation, career planning, and graduation. Kasey recently transitioned to the USG eCampus team after 14 years with the University of West Georgia, 13 of those years in direct academic advising.

In her spare time, Kasey enjoys spending time with her family, especially watching her two children in their various sports and spending time with her husband. Kasey is an avid reader, shopper, baker, and foodie! She also enjoys warm sunshine and traveling to the beach.

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