Meet the Staff

Austin Janowski

Executive Director of eCampus Fiscal and Administrative Affairs

Austin Janowski serves as the Executive Director of eCampus Fiscal and Administrative Affairs for the USG eCampus. He has been with eCampus since 2009 and holds a Bachelor's in Business Management from the University of West Georgia, as well as a Master's in Public Administration. With over 14 years of experience in higher education administration, Austin is highly skilled in fiscal duties and operational planning.

As the Executive Director, Austin is responsible for maintaining executive responsibility for financial operations, including the working budget, expenditures, and general accounting. He also develops, implements and monitors a strategic system of collection, accounting and disbursement of eCampus tuition funds within the eCampus administrative structure in the USG collaborative program. In addition, he defines the financial strategy and provides useful financial insights to help make the best organizational decisions. With a wealth of knowledge applicable to both higher education and general business needs, Austin is an expert in higher education administration and strategic financial planning.

Austin currently resides in Carrollton with his wife, Brittany, and two children - Jett and Charli Rae. Most of their time is spent at kids activities or on their farm taking care of their animals and garden.

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