Meet the Staff

Mia Bennafield Fanning

eCampus Communications Manager

Mia B. Fanning is the Communications Manager for USG eCampus. She received her Master's of Education in Media (Instructional Technology), along with a Bachelors of Science in Mass Communications and Marketing both from the University of West Georgia.

In her role at USG eCampus, Mia's primary work pertains to internal communications, where she translates objectives into communication plans, special projects. She manages a variety of internal messaging needs across organizational change, employee engagement and crisis management. Mia is also the Hiring Lead, where she works closely with the Dean(s) to provide guidance for best practices; she also oversees the orientation process for new hires. Mia also assists in the event planning and execution for major conferences under the direction of the Dean, where she is also responsible for editing conference materials.

As a Communications Manager, Mia organizes internal events, that help drive a positive organizational culture that play a significant role in retaining top talent. She is also a member of the Student Success Team, where she is responsible for providing outreach to at-risk students. During high volume testing times, Mia happily works closely to fill the gap and support the Testing team.